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26th March 2015

Quote: "I put together this monologue, which I'm sure, in hindsight, was terrible, terrible German, but somehow it got me the part... I had YouTube and Google Translate, that was it." Actor Max Irons made full use of the Internet to help him study German for his audition as an Austrian opera singer in new movie Woman in Gold.

28th March 2013

Quote: "Stephenie got offered one but she turned it down." Actor Max Irons reveals The Host author Stephenie Meyer snubbed the chance to drive off in a top-of-the-range Porsche used in the new movie adaptation.

31st March 2011

Quote: "Don't look at us and think it will necessarily be the same for you. 99.9 per cent of actors are unemployed, or are employed, but not as they'd like. Look at them more than you look at us." Actor Max Irons recalls the sound advice he got from his parents, Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack, when he told them he wanted to enter the entertainment business.

13th March 2011

Quote: "He told me, 'It's a ruthless business, and you're potentially destined for a life of unhappiness, financial instability, jealousy and paranoia.' But then he realised I was serious, and said, 'OK, got for it.'" Actor Max Irons was warned against pursuing a career in showbusiness by his father The Merchant Of Venice star Jeremy Irons.

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