Review of Girls Who Play Guitars Single by Maximo Park

Maximo Park
Girls Who Play Guitars
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Maximo Park Girls Who Play Guitars Single

Maximo Park is one of those crowd pleaser bands that straddle the divide between credible alternative music and pure pop. OK, so they're not an experimental, groundbreaking, or part of a Canadian musical collective (an apparent must these days) but they have some good beats and catchy songs and they are still about as far from HearSay as you can get.

This new single certainly does not stand up against the wonderfully catchy 'Apply Some Pressure', or their other high flier single 'Graffiti', but it is an appealing number nonetheless and whatever your musical snobbery level, you will find it lodged in your head from first listen onwards.

Maximo Park may not have made any musical headway since their last album 'Trigger', but they have a nice formula and this single would sit well as a background number in any indie bar in town. Not revolutionary stuff, but this single does exactly what it says on the tin.


Ellie Gurney

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