Mayim Bialik 's accident in Los Angeles this week was described as being "very bloody", by the actress herself, though she's already made it back onto the set of her award-winning comedy show The Big Bang Theory. Bialik, 36, was photographed wearing a gauze on her left forearm and a cast on her right hand this weekend, reports People magazine.
She suffered the "severe injury" last week, after three tourists from Chile turned their vehicle into hers in Hollywood. Los Angeles Police Department sergeant Monte Houze said at the time, "I was told, there was a lot of blood at the scene". Reassuring her fans in a blog post on Friday, the actress recalled, "I had a horrible accident. I will be okay. I have all my fingers, but a very impaired right hand. It was very bloody and scary, but I am okay.I will be continuing on The Big Bang Theory with no weeks off.They are so good to me, and I love my job and the support I get from my buddies on the cast and our loving staff and crew". caught up with her 'Big Bang' co-star Johnny Galecki, who confirmed that Bialik had turned up for work as usual, saying, "She's great man ... she was at work today.She's a very tough dedicated girl".
The actress is perhaps best known for playing Blossom Russo on NBC's 'Blossom', though her role on the Big Bang Theory has seen her nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.