Rapper Mc Hammer will never complain about losing his fortune - because he made a conscious decision to try and keep 200 employees when he had no immediate income.
The U Can't Touch This hitmaker famously went broke after his career nosedived in the early 2000s, but he refused to give up on those who had been part of his entourage at the height of his success a decade before.
He insists has no regrets and the rap star, real name Stanley Burrell, is convinced he saved lives by giving friends gainful employment.
He explains, "I decided that it was more profitable for me to employ 200 people and not take them off the payroll when I came off the road because, at that particular time, we were in the middle of the crack wars and everybody was dying and killing.
"Unless you lived it, you really can't relate to it. To have friends that have grown up with you killing other friends over this new thing... The reciprocal thing that happened for me was God increased my appreciation for other things in life. It was a fair exchange as far as I'm concerned."
And the rap star hopes his story will help those who are struggling to survive in the current tough economic climate.
Serving up a little spiritual advice on U.S. TV show Ellen on Tuesday (24Mar09), Hammer said, "They (people) really haven't lost everything - and if they even interpret it that way, then they're in trouble... Money can really be made again, as long as you're living - there's ideas, concepts, opportunities for employment.
"The first thing they should do is just sit down and regroup, have a conversation with self... and re-evaluate where you are right now."