Rapper Mc Hammer has been ordered to pay up in a breach of contract lawsuit after losing his bid to have the 2003 case thrown out of court.
The U Can't Touch This star, real name Stanley Burrell, was named as a defendant in legal papers filed by the owners of PacketSwitch.com, a digital network communications firm the rapper owned shares in.
Website bosses claimed the board of shareholders had defaulted on a deal to help market the company and the plaintiffs were awarded damages in June 2003.
However, Burrell claimed he had never been served notice of the lawsuit loss because his last name had been spelled incorrectly on court papers as "Berrell".
He argued his case in court this week (ends12Feb10), alleging the document error cost him the right to appeal, but U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel dismissed his claim.
Fogel stated Burrell "obviously had the ability to consult with counsel if he had any questions as to his legal situation" and the star was ordered to settle the financial dispute.
The amount of the default judgement has not been disclosed, reports AllHipHop.com.