There was exciting news for fans of people who’ve invented naff dance moves, as none other than the big-trousered one Mc Hammer joined K-pop sensation Psy on stage at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (November 18).

MC Hammer of course, lest we ever, ever forget, was the man behind ‘U Can’t Touch This’, which saw him flap his legs in a goofy manner that captured the public’s imagination back in 1990. Psy has of course viral in 2012 with his moves for massive hit ‘Gangnam Style’, but paid homage to the American performer by wearing his own pair of overly baggy trousers last night, before calling those immortal words “Stop! It’s hammer time!”

Before we knew it, there he was, MC Hammer, resplendent in white and looking in fine shape for his 50 years of age. He joined in the energetic routine to ‘Gangnam Style’ with gusto, the duo gaining huge applause from a star-studded audience as they brought the curtain down on the annual music industry event. For Psy it seems the dream isn’t going to be stopping any time soon, with the Daily Mail reporting that the video for his smash hit has now been viewed a record breaking 760 million times. Remember when we all thought Gotye’s ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ was the pinnacle of the Youtube viral sensation? Think again, that song now languished on a ‘mere’ 347 million plays.

Watch a full recap of the American Music Awards below: