Fans hoping to see the U.K grime, garage and hip hop group So Solid Crew – who made their name in the early 2000s – will be disappointed. But no one’s more upset than crew member Harvey himself, who took to twitter to air his grievances at the late cancellation.

MC HarveyHarvey at a charity football match - he's actually a really decent man

The rapper tweeted: "Yes LoveBox is cancelled because another artist don't want us on the same stage as them. UK artists blocking SoSolid. Wow". He added: "Sorry to everyone who has bought tickets to see us at Lovebox. We have been removed with no valid explanation." Harvey then listed SSC’s curriculum vitae, saying: "So Solid Crew is a scapegoat for the industry some conspiracy ting… “Platinum albums Brit Awards & Mobos endless top tens and this is how Great Britain repay us".

He then made a promise to take the person responsible for their embarrassing snub to task. "People will find out who the artist is. And when I see them I will confront them personally". Harvey wasn’t the only one with angry thumbs, Mega Man also got in on the Twitter action, posting, "We will be issuing and press release and naming the act/artist who was brought to our attention."

Harvey and Ashely WaltersHarvey and Ashley Walters at the London premiere of Hancock

Harvey’s spokesperson gave a more professional account of the decision to drop the group, though, saying "The demand for So Solid Crew fans and the the number of punters at Lovebox (30,000 plus) is too much for the venue. The boys do feel victimised slightly but we are one of four acts who has also been given the same information so it was a amicable decision. We hope the fans have a safe day and enjoy the show."