Only a year has passed since the epic announcement that former Busted members, James Bourne and Matt Willis, would join forces with UK popstars McFly, and its been a pretty wild ride for the McBusted group since then. It only makes sense now that things get even crazier as the band has finally announced their debut album, set for release on December 3.

McBustedMcBusted are releasing their new album next month

The self-titled record, which will be distributed via Island Records, will be the first official McBusted release, but it'll also be the first album in general from all of the guys in quite a while. The last we heard from McFly was 2010's Above the Noise, while James Bourne released his Future Boy solo album in the same year as well. It's more of a musical homecoming for Matt Willis, however, as his last material came in the form of his excellent solo effort back in 2006.

Before McBusted came to fruition, McFly was reportedly working on the follow-up to Above the Noise, and Bourne was set and ready to drop the sequel to his first Future Boy album. While Future Boy took the direction of a more experimental pop sound, he also planned to go back to his Busted roots with a new pop-rock oriented record.

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Obviously, everything kind of came to a screeching halt when McBusted became a smash hit overnight. A few worldwide tours later, and the album's announcement became a much bigger deal than anyone imagined - but what's more intriguing about it is the songs that are going to be on it. The record's lead single, 'Air Guitar,' has already made a splash in the UK, and it's that sugary pop goodness that we've been missing from the McFly and Busted crew for years.

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