It just keeps getting better in the world of McBusted. The pop-rock supergroup combination of McFly and Busted has been selling out arenas for the past few months all across Europe, and what originally just started out as an idea has been fleshed out into a full-blown phenomenon, and it can only grow from here. McBusted came to fruition officially on November 11 2013, when it was announced that the group would be taking on tour of eleven shows that eventually developed into a total of 35. Starting in April and ending in early June, the shows have been met with critical acclaim.

McBusted PictureMcBusted has been selling out arenas for their current tour

“This tour could easily have been joyless and desperate,” said a review on The Guardian. “Instead, the show is fun and idiosyncratic, this six-headed pop conglomerate proving far greater than the sum of its parts.” McBusted, however, is without a third of the original Busted members. Charlie Simpson (unsurprisingly) opted not to take part in the McBusted festivities, but he at least got a decent sum of money to let them carry on the name. It isn’t stopping Busted in its current iteration to continue its juggernaut status that it had in the early 2000’s. McFly, on the other hand, seemed to be on their way out after a couple of dud albums, but it seems like McBusted is reviving both bands and making them better than ever.

Perhaps the most exciting tidbit of news to come out of all of this is the promise of a McBusted album. Although it wasn’t announced initially, it was pretty hard to believe that a full-length wouldn’t result from this tour. On April 1, McFly’s Harry Judd revealed that the group would hit the studio after the tour concludes. Busted’s Matt Willis explains why they never announced music at first. "We always said that we weren't going to say we were going to bring out music, because we didn't want to say that we were going to make music and it be terrible. But we went away, we did some writing and it wasn't terrible,” Willis said in a February interview on The Jonathan Ross Show.

McBusted PerformingMcBusted will record an album following their tour

We may not have heard any official McBusted songs yet, but we’ll take his word for it. The only thing we do have to give us the slightest idea is a “McBusted remix” of McFly’s recent single, ‘Love on the Radio.’ Released in November 2013, this McBusted remix is essentially an instrumental of ‘Love on the Radio’ with Busted’s Willis and James Bourne providing vocals, and it is amazing. It got us thinking -- what other McFly/Busted songs deserve the remix treatment? ‘Crashed the Wedding’ featuring McFly? How about ‘Obviously’ featuring the Busted guys? It’s all too much excitement to process fully, but it’s clear that their upcoming music will be something special. Unfortunately, with the success of McBusted, it’ll put McFly’s planned full-length on hold until further notice. However, with an album made up of arguably the two best boybands around -- it’s hard to find a complaint.

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