McBusted are hoping to get a slot on One Direction's forthcoming album.

The six piece super-group revealed they have penned a tune for the as-yet untitled record because they have previously spent time writing in the studio with Niall Horan and really enjoyed jamming with the young musician.

Danny Jones, 29, told We Love Pop magazine: ''I like writing with Niall. We've done stuff with him before and he really liked it. We did submit a song for the new One Direction album, fingers crossed they like it.''

In May, Niall revealed the album - which will include their brand new track 'Drag Me Down' - is actually finished and revealed they are going for a more ''chilled'' sound.

He said: ''The songs have been coming out a bit more chilled. We want this to be quite a long-lasting album that you can listen to anytime, like Ed's (Sheeran) album.''

Meanwhile the McBusted lads supported their chart topping pals on tour earlier this year and admitted they enjoyed getting a taste of the perks which come with being the most popular band in the world.

Tom Fletcher said: ''We've been more diva-ish on this tour. It's the first time in 12 years we've asked for our dressing room to be a certain way. We saw 1D's and thought 'We want that'.''

Harry Judd added: ''It's worth it. Our dressing room is epic this tour. There's dark drapes up the wall, a couple of plants and a coffee machine.''