McFly are the ''opposite'' of a rock 'n' roll band.

The 'Party Girl' singers have put their wild days behind them now they have all settled down and hardly indulge in anything stronger than a cup of tea after their performances.

Drummer Harry Judd said: ''I can't imagine there's a less rock 'n' roll band out there. Imagine a rock 'n' roll band and we're probably the opposite.''

Harry's wife Izzy, bandmate Tom Fletcher's spouse Giovanna Falcone, Dougie Paynter's girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones and Danny Jones' fiancee Georgia Horsley all fly out to see the band while they're on tour and Harry is amazed they all still enjoy the group's shows so much.

He added to new! magazine: ''I'm always like [to Izzy], 'Aren't you fed up of us?' But she'd happily watch us every night. I know we're good, but to watch us ten times on tour is pretty keen.''