McFly have teased that their new music could be a departure from their previous rock pop sound.

The 'Obviously' hitmakers - comprised of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter - are feeling less ''pressured'' to produce a record of a ''particular'' style and so they've decided to experiment.

Tom, 31, said: ''There's been such a big gap between McFly's albums, that now we're at the stage where we're not tied down to a particular sound.

''There's enough of a line drawn that we could come back with whatever sound we want. For the first time, there's no pressure or musical expectations on us that could limit us or dictate where we need to go.

''I hate the idea of having to conform with what's current and what sounds good on radio at the moment.''

And the '5 Colours in Her Hair' hitmakers - who first formed in 2003 - are excited for their future and believe their next LP will be ''the best album'' of their career.

Fletcher - who married his wife Giovanni in 2012 and has sons Buzz and Buddy together - explained: ''There's something really exciting about that and if we can get our heads in the right place and pull together, it's totally possible for us to make the best album of our career.''

Tom says because there was such a big break between their last album 2010's 'Above Noise' and doing McBusted with Matt Willis and James Bourne from Busted, they feel ''refreshed''.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the band's guitarist Tom said: ''I genuinely feel that, because there's been such a gap and because of McBusted, this is the first time that I feel completely refreshed with McFly.

''When we go into the studio, I want it to be with a completely fresh, open mind.''