McFly star Tom Fletcher took up knitting on McBusted's tours.

The 34-year-old rocker was crafty and kept his hobby from his bandmates - Matt Willis, James Bourne, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones and Harry Judd - by hiding his wool and kit in his suitcases and only getting them out whilst the rest of the band were at the bar.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, Tom confessed: ''I took knitting on tour with me and instead of going to the bar after shows I would back in my room, on my own, and knit.

''This was something I really didn't want my bandmates to know about so I couldn't open my suitcase when we got to venues and I did it under wraps.

''But there must have been a time when I got caught.

''They know now but I think they are genuinely embarrassed that a member of the band did this.''

The band all know now, and have teased him about his uncool hobby.

Busted's Matt quipped: ''I can't think of anything worse than knitting, there's nothing right with that.''

Tom added: ''It was my nan who got me into it.

''The only thing I can knit is scarves - oh no, actually I also knitted a Father Christmas hat and I still have it!''

Tom is multi-talented, as on top of being a musician and a wannabe knitter, the 'Obviously' hitmaker is also a children's author and co-wrote 'The Dinosaur that Pooped...' books with his McFly bandmate Dougie.

And he and his wife Giovanna, 35 - with whom he has Buzz, six, Buddy, four, and 21-month-old Max - have also created the 'Eve of Man' series.

The father-of-three recently spilled that there has been some discussions to turn the 'Eve of Man' stories into a TV series or a movie.

He said: ''Yeah there's been some chat about that, some discussions. Who knows. I'd love to, we see it in a very visual way when we write it so I feel like, of all the books we write, this one could definitely lend itself to like a series or film.''