Meat Loaf's new LP is ''completely different' from anything he's released before.

The 'Bat Out of Hell' hitmaker believes that as soon as fans hear the forthcoming record 'Braver Than We Are', their mouths are ''gonna hang open'' right from the first song.

He said: ''Anything else that's out there right now. There are a couple of normal rock pieces but, for the most part, it's completely different.

''When you hear the opening track, your mouth's gonna hang open. You're either gonna take the CD and throw it against the wall, or you're going to go, 'I gotta see what's coming next.'''

The 67-year-old musician also shared more details about the tracks, admitting most are quite ''long'' and his belief that the opening song is ''pretty wild''.

He told Billboard magazine: ''The first song people will either love or despise, which is the way I like it. The opening number is pretty wild. It's not long; the second song is long, and the third song is really long, and the fourth song is kind of long, and then the fifth song goes into a 'down and out kind of guy,' and ... what's the sixth song? I can't remember past that.''