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Mustaine Eyes Retirement Over Neck Problems

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is eyeing an early retirement from the band - due to persistent problems with his neck.The 48-year-old rocker takes the blame for his own health issues, and admits he's punished his...

Mustaine Fuming Over Interview

MEGADETH star DAVE MUSTAINE has blasted a Norwegian reporter for asking him about his days in METALLICA during an interview - threatening to put the journalist "in a hospital".The rocker open up about his past...

Ulrich Planning Heavy Rock Mega-tour

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH is secretly plotting a heavy rock supertour, which will include his band, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX.Slayer guitarist Kerry King has let it slip that negotiations have started during an interview with...

Mustaine To Open School Of Rock

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is planning to open up the band's California recording studio to under-privileged kids - to teach them about rock 'n' roll.The rockers own a building in San Diego, California which has...

Megadeth Star Pays Tribute To Higuchi

MEGADETH star SHAWN DROVER has paid tribute to LOUDNESS drummer MUNETAKA HIGUCHI who died of cancer on Sunday (30Nov08). The 49-year-old musician passed away at a hospital in Osaka, Japan, following a long battle with...

Megadeth Issue Warning Over Hoax Show

Rockers MEGADETH have warned fans not to buy tickets for an advertised show in Turkey - insisting the concert is a scam by unscrupulous promoters. The band were reported to be holding a gig in...

Slash Blames Megadeth For Speeding Ticket

Former GUNS 'N ROSES star SLASH has to undergo 'traffic school' in Los Angeles after getting carried away behind the wheel of his car while listening to the new MEGADETH album. The rocker was caught...

Mustaine To Rock His Own Festival

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is launching his own travelling rock festival in July (05). The gravel-voiced SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION singer has long been working on compiling his dream line-up for a diverse festival tour...

Megadeth Refused Jones' Sexual Demands

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE was horrified when former SEX PISTOLS guitarist STEVE JONES demanded sexual favours in return for his performance on the band's cover of ANARCHY IN THE UK. The GOD SAVE THE...

Megadeth Claim Thrown Out Of Court

A lawsuit brought against metal band MEGADETH and the band's frontman DAVE MUSTAINE by former bassist DAVE ELLEFSON has been thrown out by a New York Court. Ellefson filed a claim last year (JUL04)...


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