MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine was horrified when former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones demanded sexual favours in return for his performance on the band's cover of ANARCHY IN THE UK.

The GOD SAVE THE QUEEN icon originally demanded $100 (GBP53) and some "suction" (slang term for fellatio) to play at the recording session for 1988 album SO FAR, SO GOOD... SO WHAT!

But Mustaine decided to pay him more money so he could arrange his own pleasures.

He says, "I think the best part about that song was the fact that we did have an original, living, breathing, Sex Pistol come in and play on it. He came in and he wanted $100 and some 'suction' and O said, 'Dude, it's gonna cost you more than $100 to get 'suction' out of us!'

"So we gave him a phone book and $1,000 and told him to get it himself."

28/02/2005 17:52