MEGADETH star Dave Mustaine has blasted a Norwegian reporter for asking him about his days in Metallica during an interview - threatening to put the journalist "in a hospital".
The rocker open up about his past in the chat with Lydverket magazine, revealing his relationship with James Hetfield deteriorated after the singer kicked Mustaine's dog during an argument.
But Mustaine is fuming after seeing his words in print, claiming his representatives had strictly forbidden the interviewer from bringing up the subject of Metallica.
He writes in a post on the band's official web forum, "These people are scum. Don't listen to their interviews, don't buy their s**t magazine, don't go to their pathetic garbage website. And stand by, because as soon as I see that interviewer again, I am going to put him in a hospital. That is a promise. I will find him too. Too bad the promo person (from the record label) was not there like I asked so this s**t wouldn't happen. Thanks for nothing."
The reporter who conducted the interview, Kristin Winsents, claims it was Mustaine himself who moved the conversation towards his former bandmates, according to