Megan Fox nearly didn't wear her revealing Billboard Music Awards dress after an ayahuasca trip.

The 35-year-old actress turned heads when she stepped out in a cutout Mugler gown on the red carpet at the music awards show in May.

However, the 'Jennifer's Body' star and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly had just got back from a spiritual pilgrimage to Costa Rica, and Megan didn't feel it was appropriate to flash the flesh in the barely-there ensemble not long after speaking to God.

She told InStyle: "My stylist was like ‘We want you to wear this’ and I was like ‘I was just talking to God in the jungle, I’m not ready to wear that."

However, the 'Rap Devil' rapper persuaded the 'Transformers' star to bite the bullet with the help of some Peruvian tobacco, which he used to "cleanse" his girlfriend.

At the time, she thought: "F*** it, I’ll just have some Peruvian tobacco, I’ll wear this thing."

Megan recalled: "He gets out wearing this basically shirtless Jim Morrison, wild-ass Balmain super rockstar, whatever the f*** he’s wearing.

“He takes out this giant-a** — it looks like a blunt, it’s not, it’s Peruvian tobacco — and he’s smoking it and then he’s blowing it all over me to cleanse me. People must’ve ben like ‘These f****** people are psycho.'”

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the couple like to match their nails after they were seen rocking bold designs for the awards season.

The pair's nail artist, Nails of LA founder Brittney Boyce, said: “They like to match.

“[MGK’s] one of my favourite clients, because no matter what, I’ll always get good nail shots with him, because he loves showing them off so much. With the girls I’m like, ‘Come on, show your nails.’ But he does such a great job with making them an actual accessory.”

MGK is channelling is love of nail art into his own upcoming unisex line of nail polish.

The 'my ex's best friend' rocker's first foray into the beauty industry has seen him curate a UN/DN collection for Unlisted Brand Lab.