Megan Fox is fronting a nail polish range with a “strong sexual energy” for her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly.

The actress, 36, has collaborated with the singer, 32, to create a new collection for his lacquer line UN/DN LAQR.

Her gemstone-inspired capsule range includes five colours, all of which fans can find in the $90 ‘Play With Fire Kit’ – a matte top coat called Past Life (bright lapis lazuli blue), Brutal Honesty (malachite green), Twin Flame (ruby red), Deep Breath (iridescent glitter) and Third Eye (lilac purple.)

Megan told Allure about the metallic green being her favourite shade: “It has a strong sexual energy that helps me feel aligned with my heart and my truest desires... colours have A LOT to do with our moods and so I chose colours that will help you to feel centred. Clear. And sexy.”

The green polish is a perfect match for her engagement ring from MGK – a two-stone sparkler designed by Stephen Webster featuring both stars’ birthstones.

They are a diamond for MGK and an emerald for Megan, and are set on magnetic bands inspired by thorns.

The couple often turn up at public events in matching nail art, and last year attended UN/DN LAQR’s launch party chained together by their fingers.

MGK has said his unisex nail polish line was inspired by ancient myths and the God of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection, Cupid.

He added: “Many of the men in Greek mythology were warriors or soldiers or gods who had used their strength, and then there was Cupid, who was poetic and beautiful.

“I wonder what a world of Cupids (would) look like instead of just people falling into what they think we have to be as ‘men.’”