Megan Fox is usually known to be very discreet when it comes to talking about her personal life, especially her husband of four years Brian Austin Green and their two children two young boys, Noah, 2, and 8 month-old Bodhi, but in a rare occurrence the Hollywood actress joyfully speaks about her family life.

Megan Fox
Fox recently gushed about motherhood

"I love our family-I have a little football team that's going to take care of me," the 28-year-old starlet told The Daily Mail. "I like being around boys and being the center of attention in my family because I'm the matriarch, the queen bee. My husband is the sensitive type, he's not macho. And I'm going to raise our boys like that: sensitive, sweet, chivalrous types."

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Fox is known for being one of the sexiest females in Hollywood and has most likely landed certain roles on this image alone, but she also revealed that many fans may have the wrong perception of her.

"People insist on seeing me as a wild child, a bad girl, a naughty girl, and I don't know why. Because my life is the exact opposite," she said. "People have a hard time looking at me, knowing that I accept my sexuality and then understanding that I'm not promiscuous-they just can't put that idea together. But I've been with Brian for ten years."

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But even when Fox takes on rather peculiar roles, like her character in the horror 'Jennifer's Body' (2009) or Judd Aptow's 2012 comedy 'This is 40,' she is still looked upon as a very sensual woman, and this is something she doesn't mind.

Megan Fox
Fox thinsk her fans have a differet perception of what she is really like

"You are made to feel that if you embrace your sexuality, you are an idiot or an airhead, or you have to make yourself seem more masculine. Why would we ever want to do that? Women are beautiful, but we're also intelligent-and some of us are very strong," she added.