Megan Fox believes her life is decided by spirit guides.

The 28-year-old actress - who has kids Noah, two, and Bodhi, seven months, with husband Brian Austin Green - no longer gets upset or annoyed when things happen to her because she is learning to be accepting of her destiny.

She said: ''It makes it impossible to view yourself as a victim in any circumstance because you understand you chose it or it was chosen for you by spirit guides and there's a reason for every encounter and opposition.

''You're meant to benefit eventually but you have to be aware because that helps you learn the lessons so much quicker. Otherwise you'll walk in a circle and find you meet the same types of people and make the same mistakes until you address it and transcend it.

''I think even in very small ways - like if you're in traffic and everyone is p***ed off and shouting, 'F**k'. But you can't make me mad with that s**t anymore. It's not important and it doesn't mean anything.''

And the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' star has turned to meditation to help her keep a positive outlook on life.

Asked if she feels self-doubt, she told Loaded magazine: ''At times. But it's not part of my daily existence. Meditation is something I do to stay positive.

''If you stay positive with your mind then inevitably you will attract positivity and the times I've faced the most adversity in my life, it wasn't actually from outside forces. It was things I brought into my own world from my own negativity.''