Megan Fox is not "willing to explain" the current status of her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

The pair announced their engagement in January 2022 but they've been hit by speculation they are no longer together, and while the 'Transformers' actress confirmed their wedding plans were called off at one point, she insisted they will always be "connected" but no longer wants to talk about their romance.

Asked about rumours about their relationship, including the engagement being called off, Megan said on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast: “All those things you said were accurate things that have occurred. And I could see them being confusing, or interesting to people, and them being like, ‘What’s up?’

“What I’ve learned about being in this relationship is that it’s not for public consumption. So I think as of now, I don’t have a comment on the status of the relationship per se.

“What I can say is that [he] is what I refer to as being my twin soul, and there will always be a tether to him no matter what. I cannot say for sure what the capacity will be, but I will always be connected to him somehow. Beyond that, I’m not willing to explain."

But the 37-year-old star - who has three sons with ex-husband Brian Austin Green - hailed MGK as being "ahead of [his] time" with his recent decision to cover his old tattoos by inking his entire torso black, describing the result as "really elegant".

She said: “He has a really special story behind why he did that, which obviously, I’ll leave for him to tell. But he had a relationship with the tattoos that he had that he was very conflicted emotionally whatever they represented — and I don’t actually know — but he didn’t like to revisit those memories of some of the tattoos that he had and he wanted to get rid of them.

“It gives me, like, Rick Owens. It’s like an elevated version of all those tattoos that were pieced together. I think it’s really elegant and it’s kind of ahead of its time. I think in 10 years it’ll be a trend.”

And Megan is amazed the 33-year-old musician, whose real name is Colson Baker, "endured" the lengthy session with a tattoo artist.

She said: “I don’t know how many people can take that kind of pain. People will be put to sleep and get the tattoos done, but he did it fully awake with no pain killers. I don’t actually know how he endured that level of pain."