Megan Fox's Boohoo line is all about "female sensuality" and empowerment.

The 'Jennifer's Body' actress has just dropped a 40-piece size-inclusive collection with the fast-fashion retailer and opened up about the importance of making women "feel good" in the clothing.

In a video promoting the line, the 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen' star said when asked "what does female sensuality mean to you": “That’s an interesting question … people need to talk about that actually.

“I think it should be [that] the point of being feminist, the point of being a supportive female is allowing females to identify what they like, what feels good for them.”

The website for the collection boasts the tags “clothes to put on and harness your power” and “pieces that make you feel and look like your best self.”

The 35-year-old star recently revealed she took inspiration from her beau Machine Gun Kelly's personal punk rock style for the pieces.

She said: "My favourite item is going to be the Ohio jacket. Inspired by the hometown of my beloved [boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly]. Beyond that, I actually really liked the look I was wearing with that. It's a leather high-waisted trouser and a halter crop.

"I like those pieces separately on their own, and then also with the jacket. That's probably my favourite look."

As well as the varsity jacket, the line also includes crop tops, dresses, and thigh-high boots.

Meanwhile, Megan has insisted it's "very difficult to be a woman".

The actress has encouraged other women to wear whatever makes them "feel good" and not to worry about the opinions of other people.

She shared: "There are definitely some times where mentally, I’m not in a place where I want to be exposed or interact with the world. I think style is a closer reflection of your mood than some people realise, and because of that, it changes constantly.

"Like I change multiple times a day sometimes, don’t you?

"That’s my best advice for anyone: wear what makes you feel good and do not worry about what other people say you look like."

However, the Hollywood star acknowledges that it's easier said than done.

She added: "Obviously, that’s a really tricky thing for me as well, because I have body dysmorphia, so I see myself differently than how other people see me anyway. And bottom line is, it’s very difficult to be a woman!

"And I’ve finally let myself acknowledge that it’s hard to be a woman! It’s really difficult, right? We are our own worst enemies sometimes, and so my best advice is just to embrace it, and know you have the freedom to express yourself however feels good to you. Know that, and then give yourself permission to do so."