Want a Megan Fox naked picture? Well keep looking; the picture that has been circling the web, originally posted by Celeb Jihad, is under threat of litigation from Fox's legal people.

After probably a few hours photo shop training, someone superimposed Fox's head onto the body of a nude model, fooling anyone stupid enough to look for the picture in the first place. And she's not happy. Stating categorically that it's "100 per cent fake" her legal team are threatening to sue if the faux-birthday suit snap isn't removed from the net immediately. A statement from the site, clearly written by an adult with advanced vocabulary, but a faint grasp on reality, reads: "While we appreciate Megan Fox's concern for her image, we find it hard to believe that a woman who spent two Transformers movies bent over with her breasts pressed together could have her reputation damaged by a blatantly satirical website." Thanks TMZ, for that.

If anyone is still desperate to fill the Megan Fox nude part of their brain, recently vacated by the news that her fully naked picture was a fake, you can't. You can however catch her semi-buff in a new advertising campaign for electronics company Sharper Image. Stay close to Contact Music, as we'll no doubt be reporting on any movements to this story.