Filming on 'Midnight in the Switchgrass' has been delayed after two people on set tested positive for coronavirus.

The movie - which will star Megan Fox, Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch and Machine Gun Kelly - resumed filming in Puerto Rico in July following a four-month break due to the global health crisis but it has now been paused again.

A spokesperson form The Pimienta Film Company told TMZ that movie bosses had worked to establish protocols to ensure everyone's safety on set, but two people have still tested positive for the virus.

The pair were asymptomatic and immediately went into quarantine, but production decided to pause filming anyway.

Director Randall Emmett is now planning to resume the shoot in Santa Barbara in the next few weeks, but with even more stringent precautions in place.

Love has previously blossomed on set for Megan, 34, and Machine Gun Kelly - whose real name is Colson Baker - and the film's director recently admitted he initially thought their on-screen chemistry was just a result of his good direction.

Randall said: They're very passionate about one another and very happy, and I mean, it's really sweet to see that I had a little hand in that.

''The chemistry [on set] was second to none, but I just thought, I'm a great director! I didn't know there were these undertones and all that, and now, we spend a lot of time with them since they've been together and it's really sweet and beautiful, and I'm really happy for both of them.''

Randall and his fiancée Lala Kent have been on double dates with Megan and Kelly and the filmmaker joked the new couple are ''glued to each other''.

He added: ''Let me tell you the joke I make about our double dates, and they know I say this to their face: Going on a double date with Megan and Colson, it's like an individual date and a double date. The first half is very 'double date.' Everybody is conversing, we're having fun, we're laughing. The second half, they don't even know our name. They're just glued to each other!''