The Duchess of Sussex has been in the eye of a media storm ever since her relationship with Prince Harry was made public. However, before she became part of the Royal bubble, she was an avid social media user and regularly used Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Duchess of SussexDuchess of Sussex no longer has any social media accounts

However, in a speech during her first overseas tour as the Duchess of Sussex, the 37-year-old mum-to-be has warned of the impact of 'filtered' Instagram posts on young people and how dangerous focusing on getting likes can be.

Speaking to staff and volunteers from Live for Tomorrow, an online youth programme, at the Maranui Cafe in Wellington, New Zealand, Meghan said it can be hard to tell how much photographs are edited, commenting 'you don't know whether she's born with it or maybe it's a filter'.

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In a sure-fire sign her relationship with Prince Harry was getting serious, Meghan shut down all social media accounts which sent royal watchers into overdrive.

Any social media appearance she now has is controlled by Kensington Palace aids and she has since revealed she finds it 'freeing' now she now longer has any accounts to manage.

During her and Harry's visit to Bondi Beach last week, the Duchess was said to be incredibly open about her experiences online.

Recalling a discussion she had with Meghan, Jessina Oakes, 26, said: "She said a really beautiful quote. She said 'flattery and criticism run through the same filter'.

"She said it was very freeing that she no longer has social media."

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent 45 minutes discussing mental well-being during their visit and learned about initiatives and programmes supporting mental health in New Zealand.

The Duke also spoke about the effects social media, suggesting that parents needed educating as much as children.

Of the effects of chasing likes on social media, Meghan said: "Your judgment of your sense of self-worth becomes really skewed when it's all based on likes."