You might have noticed recently that Meghan Trainor has lost a significant amount of weight, and there's a very good reason for that. Since she was forced to undergo vocal cord surgery, she has been making some serious lifestyle changes and is all about looking after herself more - including quitting alcohol. 

Meghan Trainor outside Global Radio StudiosMeghan Trainor outside Global Radio Studios

It's perhaps the most terrifying thing to happen to a professional singer, being diagnosed with a hemorrhaged vocal cord and having to have an operation that could either save or end your career. It was certainly a big deal for the 24-year-old 'All About That Bass' hitmaker, who decided that something needed to be done.

'It really shocks you and puts you in place', she told People. 'I stopped drinking - I know it hurts your cords. I don't ever smoke anything, I drink a lot of water and I started eating healthier and working out more. Now mentally and physically, it's proven to work, so I'm gonna keep doing that.'

Meghan has had to have not one but two operations on her vocal cords; first in 2015, immediately following her rise to fame, and latterly in 2017 for a similar reason.  

'It was scary. It's another time of like, 'I'm going to take away all your hopes and dreams for a second, put it on pause and see if they come back'', she continued. 'My first thought was: I hope this works. We just kept saying 'We're never doing this again, we're never doing this again.' So we're very careful.'

It's not all about quitting drinking and adopting a healthier lifestyle, of course - the main reasons why singers end up having to have these procedures is because they're not getting enough breaks between performances, and between tours in general. That, coupled with recording albums in the studio and promoting your work with endless interviews, can really start to take a toll on their instrument of choice.

'My team is extra careful now with my schedule now to make sure I have the day off after a long day of interviews and promo', she explains. 'It seems like after every album cycle, I just have surgery. And I can't live like that because I'm putting out albums the rest of my life. I can't be doing surgery every year!'

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Meghan released her newest single 'No Excuses' earlier this year, which is set to appear on her yet-to-be-announced third studio album