Meghan Trainor recently hit the headlines when she pulled the music video to her latest single, Me Too, after declaring her production company had photoshopped it and it no longer looked like her. The 22-year-old singer said she was “embarrassed” by it and has since said she wants to be the girl that talks about things others are too shy to do.

Meghan TrainorMeghan Trainor wants to be remembered as a songwriting legend

In an interview with the BBC, the All About That Bass hitmaker said: "A friend said to me, ‘You talk about things that people feel but they’re too shy or embarrassed to admit and you make us feel comfortable again’.”

The singer and songwriter revealed she wants to be remembered as a "legend".

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She said: "I want to be one of those icon legends - but seen as an amazing songwriter.

"When I want to be remembered as a legend, I want songwriting to be first. I want them to say, ‘She wrote about things I dealt with. Every age I was in, I related to that."

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Trainor is aiming to write songs that can be for anyone and described how she does that.

She said: "When I write songs, I’ll pick a topic but I don’t get too specific. I don’t say "he" or "she". I don’t say "you" or "me". I avoid all that stuff so I can relate to everyone."

Meghan Trainor’s album, Thank You, is out now.