Meghan Trainor is hoping to be pregnant again in 2023.

The 28-year-old pop star is married to 'Spy Kids' actor Daryl Sabara, 30, and has 20-month-old son Riley with him but admitted that it is her "dream" to welcome another little one next year before hopefully expanding her brood to four in total.

Asked about her plans for 2023, she said: "Hopefully, I'll be pregnant. I'm trying to make four children, so I've got to get on it! After having a baby, I was like, there's nothing I can't do. So now I'm just trying to knock off all my dreams on my dream list."

Meanwhile, the 'Made You Look' hitmaker added that when it comes to Christmas, she has bought Riley a total of eight outfits for the holiday season even though it has been "tough" to source to find little boy outfits for the festive period.

She told PEOPLE: "I got him eight outfits. It's tough finding cute boy outfits for Christmas. I wanted to make him a reindeer, but I cannot find that outfit yet. I want it to be cute, but also embarrassing, so one day he can look back, like, 'Oh my God, how cute was I?' I can't wait!"

The ''I Believe in Santa' songstress - who released her fifth studio album 'Takin' It Back' in October - she wanted to get pregnant "months ago" but has been too busy with work commitments and was hoping to be expecting again by December.

She said: "If I could’ve got pregnant months ago, I would’ve. We’re just busy and I don’t want to be, like, nauseous while doing all this fun stuff. I'm about to travel the world really quick. But November, December, I’ma be trying to get knocked up."