Mel B stopped her daughter's first date.

The former Spice Girls singer and her husband Stephen Belafonte acted as chaperones when 11-year-old Phoenix Chi was asked out by a boy to a Los Angeles bowling alley.

However, Mel - better known as Scary Spice during her time with the girl group - put a halt to the evening when the pair got a little too close for her liking.

Speaking on her US reality series 'Mel B: It's a Scary World', she said: "Phoenix and John were getting a little touchy-feely. I was thinking this is looking like a real date. She's 11 years old, she's not a woman. I'm stepping in, it's time for me to end the date. They were holding hands and standing a bit close."

Although Mel freaked out, Stephen tried to convince his wife that Phoenix and the boy were just having fun.

Phoenix Chi is the 35-year-old star's child with ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar. Mel also has a three-year-old daughter Angel Iris from her relationship with Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy.