Mel B is very strict with her children.

The former Spice Girl is keen to bring up her daughters Phoenix, 14, Angel, six, and three year old Madison the same way she was raised by her parents as she believes it will encourage them to live normal lives away from the spotlight.

She said: ''I'm very strict. My kids have been brought up very grounded, they go to public school, they've got to tidy their rooms, they've got to do their chores to earn their pocket money. That's how I was brought up.''

Mel is currently trying to juggle being a judge on 'America's Got Talent', as well as being a loving wife to her husband Stephen Belafonte, while carrying out her duties as a mother, but she insists she always makes it work by keeping everything balanced.

Speaking to FOX411, she explained: ''You just make it work, try to balance it out every week and make sure the kids get their homework done, tidy their rooms and you make sure you get as much time with your kids and making sure you're fulfilling your duties as a loving wife, a singer and an artist.''