Former Spice Girl Mel B's sexuality has always been a hot topic, and although she has been happily married to husband Stephen Belafonte for the past seven years, the 39-year-old singer was in a four-year relationship with another woman.

Mel B
Mel B recently revealed she has in a four-year relationship with another woman

In a revealing new interview with The Guardian, Scary Spice is very open about her sexual past, confirming she dated mother-of-two Christa Parker, whom she met at the Los Angeles school where her daughter Phoenix, 15, is a student.

"Well, I did have a four-year relationship with a woman," she told the newspaper. "But I've been very happily married for seven years to a penis. Haha! An amazing guy."

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When asked if Belafonte knows she calls her a penis, Mel replied, "Well, you know what I mean. But I've definitely not been shy or been one to hold back. If I wanted to try something, I did. I had a girlfriend. So what?"

Mel also took this opportunity to address the ongoing rumours that suggest she and her hubby are currently in an open relationship.

"No, me and my husband are very tight and solid," she said. "But I will be the first one to compliment a woman, to say to my husband, 'Oh my God, look at her legs', or, 'Doesn't she look stunning?' I do think women are gorgeous. Crazy but gorgeous."

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As well as being a mother of three, and a judge on the U.K.'s X-Factor, Mel also makes sure she focuses on herself as much as she can. "I am in love with myself," she openly admitted. "Yes! Because if you don't love yourself how can anybody love you back?"