Mel B's ex-husband told her she had "ruined" her career by portraying herself as a "victim".

The Spice Girls singer has spoken of her alleged ordeal at the hands of Stephen Belafonte and now emails exchanged between the pair in May 2021 - which have been made public as part of an ongoing legal dispute over the care of their 11-year-old daughter Madison - show the producer telling his former spouse to "stop" with her abuse claims.

According to, Mel's lawyer accused Stephen of leaving the singer "largely in the dark" and "failing to provide her with even basic information" about their daughter's whereabouts and asked for the court to order that any caretaker outside of immediate family must be approved by both of Madison's parents before they can look after the youngster.

Mel accused Stephen of consistently failing to "adequately co-parent" and “not timely providing addresses for where Madison resides while in his care.”

She took particular issue with her ex-husband allowing their daughter to stay with a woman named Bahare and her family for days at a time without seeking Mel's approval first, and the 'I Want You Back' hitmaker later learned the caregiver was a "close associate" of their former nanny Lorraine Gilles, who was previously said to have had threesomes with her ex-employers.

The lawyer noted: “Bahare is actually a close associate of Lorraine Gilles, whom both Stephen and the Court are aware is not permitted to be around Madison under any circumstance.”

Stephen insisted he has kept his ex-wife informed about Madison's life and whereabouts and that she was fully aware of Bahare looking after their daughter.

In an email dated May 12, 2021, Mel wrote to Stephen about an upcoming flight to the UK for Madison and asked: “Do you have someone appropriate and suitable to bring madison over to the uk? If not I’m booking her with an inflight chaperone flying out may 21st.

“To be very clear As you now Lorraine [redacted]. This is highly inappropriate of you to suggest this. Either come up with a suitable individual or agree to the inflight chaperone. Much appreciated.”

Stephen responded: “I just asked you a question I did not abuse you would you stop it with all this abuse stuff you’ve single-handedly ruined your career trying to look like a victim and no one bought into it and now you keep preaching it to me no matter how much you say it it’s not gonna make that ever came true if I was so abusive and so hurtful you should be flourishing with your career in life now and not worrying about me just our daughter.”

The producer went on to insist he hadn't done anything wrong in making his choice of chaperone.

He continued: “I wasn’t trying to abuse you by offering someone who I trust around our daughter and you trust it until you made up lies about the person. I was only interested in our daughter’s safety and I knew she would be someone who would never Hurt our daughter. You gave me a reply and I dropped it. It was just a suggestion I could’ve said [redacted] or among a ton of other people that you had watching our daughter that I’ve met with recently."

He then hit out at Mel for not flying out to the US to collect Madison herself.

He wrote: “It is very weird that you wanted Madison to come out but made no preparations to have anyone of your loyal subjects fly to pick up our daughter and are relying on a chaperoned which will never happen.

“Nothing is stopping you from getting on a plane and coming to Los Angeles except for maybe a couple lawsuits but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing our daughter to pick her up and make sure she’s OK.”

Mel's legal team submitted the emails as part of her plea for the court to intervene.