The company set up by former SPICE GIRL Mel B to manage her earnings is in danger of going under, reports a British newspaper.

MONEYSPIDER PRODUCTIONS was created in 1997 - a year after the all-conquering UK girl band found international fame - to handle the WANNABE singer's income.

But now the firm, which once had $10.8 million (GBP6 million) in the bank, has just $2,054 (GBP1,141) left over.

An insider tells The Sun, "Mel's company barely has enough to by a laptop let alone pay her the kind of salary she once had.

"She is under enormous pressure to earn money this year (04) otherwise there will be no cash in the bank. That means Mel can't pay herself or her accountants and other staff.

"In 1998, there was more than GBP6 million in the bank and she paid herself most of that as salary.

"The next year (99) she paid herself just over GBP2 million - but in 2000 that fell to GBP600,000 because the bank balance was plummeting.

"This year (04), she has not disclosed her earnings but they are a tiny fraction of what they used to be. Next year (05) she'll get no salary from the company unless she starts earning some money."

30/04/2004 02:58