Mel B soaks her hair in sweat in order to get it looking its natural best.

The former Spice Girl admits she only washes her tresses twice a week as she doesn't like to put too many products on her locks, but does treat herself to an overnight conditioner which she claims works wonders.

She said: "I only wash my hair twice a week and do a deep conditioning overnight mask that makes my scalp sweat, so you get all your natural oils back."

Mel - who raises three daughters with husband Stephen Belafonte - recently shaved one side of her head as she wanted to be like the rest of the family.

She said: "All my kids were getting Mohawks and I was like, 'I wanna join in!' "

Mel is not the only star who avoids over washing her hair.

Camila Alves only shampoos her locks once a week as partner Matthew Mcconaughey prefers it like that.

The mother-of-two said: "Matthew likes it as natural as possible. I try to keep my hair as simple as I can, so it can do its own thing. I try to wash my hair once a week. People think you have to wash your hair all the time, but, actually, you need to let your hair produce its own oils and be healthy on its own. I try to not use a lot of chemicals."