Despite being a key member in one of the world's most successful girl bands, the Spice Girls, who were all about sisterhood and the empowerment of women, Mel B, real name Melanie Brown, recently revealed her surprising stance on feminism.

Mel B
Mel B confesses she isn't a feminist

During an interview with the London Times, the 39-year-old singer opened up about following the band's 'girl power' motto, but admitted she isn't a feminist.

"I wouldn't call myself a feminist," she told the newspaper.

The biggest surprise of this revelation is the rest of her response, which clearly indicates Scary Spice doesn't really know what feminism means.

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"I try to live by the girl-power motto. It's about believing in yourself, no matter how bad a day you're having, and lending your support to other women," she added. "It's empowering to have that camaraderie with other women."

It appears Mel B defined what feminism is all about...without realizing.

However, the former X-Factor judge isn't the only celebrity to get rather confused when talking about being a feminist. Late last year Kaley Cuoco caused controversy when admitting she is very comfortable having a more old-fashioned female role in her home as she loves to take care of her man.

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During an interview the 'Big Bang Theory' actress said she cooks for her husband "five nights a week: It makes me feel like a housewife; I love that. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like the idea of women taking care of their men. I'm so in control of my work that I like coming home and serving him."

But only a week later she released a statement that claimed her word had been "taken out of context."

Will Mel B offer a further explanation?