Actor/director Mel Gibson has no plans to pour his own money into future film projects, because making movies independently has become an extremely costly business.

The Braveheart star invested his hard-earned cash into controversial films The Passion of the Christ in 2004 and Apocalypto in 2006, but he admits his experiences getting those projects onto the big screen have turned him off the idea of doing it all again without the monetary support of big studio bosses.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It's tricky... Nobody would have financed them, they more or less worked, but I would never have got anyone else to finance them.

"I'm out of that business of financing my own films because they (studio chiefs) see you coming and take you for a ride. I'm not a fool."

He adds, "It's difficult for the things I deem worthy to direct, where you can get a really good compelling story out of - nobody else has much faith in it and never did."