Mel Gibson spoke about his profanity-laced rant against writer Joe Eszterhas during an appearance on Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show' over the weekend. The Oscar-winner hit the headlines earlier this month after being secretly taped yelling at Eszterhas for his writing of the script for 'The MACcabees'.
The screenwriter claimed Gibson has distanced himself from the project because he "hates jews" - later releasing a secret tape of the actor screaming at several people involved in the project. Gibson joked about the nine page letter that Eszterhas sent to The Wrap following the incident, telling Leno, "If he put half as much time and effort and creativity and imagination into a screenplay, which he was supposed to write, as he did into that letter ... we wouldn't be having this conversation". The Braveheart star revealed that Warner Bros rejected the script for the movie and that he felt his actions with "justified", saying, "Maybe you don't know this about me, but I've got a little bit of a temper".
The actor is rumored to be starring in the forthcoming Robert Rodriguez action movie 'MAChete Kills', with Michelle Williams and JESSICA ALBA.