Mel Gibson, after eight years out of the director's chair, is in talks to direct Hacksaw Ridge.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson at the L.A. premiere of The Expendables 3.

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Gibson directed Apocalypto in 2006 but hasn't taken on a directorial role since. Talks with producers are reportedly progressing slowly and it's not certain the film will go ahead. Those currently involved in the project include producers Bill Mechanic (Coraline), David Permut (Face Off) and Terry Benedict (The Death of Reasonable Doubt). Writers Randall Wallace (Braveheart) and Robert Schenkkan (All the Way) are co-writing the script. Actor Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) is reportedly in talks to star in the film if it goes ahead. 

As Deadline reports, Hacksaw Ridge is a war time drama based on the life of Desmond Doss. Doss was a conscientious objector who refused to kill or carry weapons whilst drafted in the army from 1941-1946. His refusal to carry arms was because of his religious beliefs. Doss served in the army as a medic and saw action during the Battle of Okinawa. For his actions in battle and in saving many lives, Doss became the first conscientious objector in American history to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour. He was awarded the medal by President Truman in 1945.

Gibson is a prolific actor, director and producer and has been involved with six projects over the past four years. This year alone, Gibson starred in The Expendables 3 and acted as producer for Stonehearst Asylum

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Mel GibsonGibson could direct Hacksaw Ridge.

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield is in talks to star in the war drama.