'Suicide Squad 2' is well on its way to fruition and it has just been revealed that a number of directors have been approached to helm the movie - including Mel Gibson. Both DC and Gibson fans have reacted with surprise, because his involvement way well turn the film franchise on its head.

Mel GibsonMel Gibson rumoured to be in talks for 'Suicide Squad 2'

Whether that will be in a good way or a bad way remains to be seen, though many are indeed expressing doubt that this Hollywood star could go from the likes of critically acclaimed classics like 'Braveheart', 'The Passion of the Christ' and, more recently, 'Hacksaw Ridge' to a series with more comedy value than gravity.

A number of sources revealed to Variety that as well as Gibson, Ruben Fleischer ('Zombieland'), Daniel Espinosa ('Child 44') and Jonathan Levine ('Warm Bodies') have also been in talks or are at least being considered to helm 'Suicide Squad 2'. 

It's difficult to tell how likely any of these are to take on the role, not least because the film isn't expected to hit theatres until 2019. Meanwhile, all of those names have got big stuff in the works; Levine has been announced to direct 'Brooklyn Castle' from a screenplay by Will Reiser adapted from the 2012 chess documentary, while Espinosa has got period drama 'Daniel Espinosa' based on the Vilhelm Moberg book and Fleischer is working on 'Zombieland 2', Jekyll and Hyde flick 'Jekyll' starring Chris Evans, and sci-fi comedy 'The Regional Office Is Under Attack'. 

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Mel Gibson has also got another project in the works; he's set to direct another war film entitled 'Berserker' from a script by Randall Wallace. It's expected to be released in 2018 though no cast announcements have been made for it as of yet. He's also set to star in the action flick 'Every Other Weekend', comedy 'Daddy's Home 2' and S. Craig Zahler's 'Dragged Across Concrete' with Vince Vaughn.

The first 'Suicide Squad' released last year was directed and written by David Ayer whose next project is the spin-off adventure 'Gotham City Sirens'.