Mel Gibson's first film since his rants to ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA were revealed will be released in spring 2011.

'The Beaver', which also stars Jodie Foster, sees Mel playing a man who speaks to a beaver hand puppet and was initially set for release in 2010 before being put back by Summit Entertainment who are believed to have deemed the recordings too damaging to the possibilities of the film., reports.

However, a CBS News/Vanity Fair poll discovered earlier this year just over three quarters of people did not make note of his personal life when going to see his films, possibly pushing Summit into releasing the film early next year.

Jodie has recently said Mel's turn in the film was "one of his most powerful and moving perfomrnaces" he had ever done.

Troubled Mel was last seen as the character Thomas Craven in 'Edge of Darkness', and in 2011 will also be seen in 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation'.