The Lethal Weapon star is accused of launching an attack on Kristi Miller as she took pictures of him when he left a cinema in Sydney with his partner Rosalind Ross.

A representative for the actor has denied there was any physical contact with the snapper, but local cops are probing the incident, and they want to speak to Ross as a potential witness.

Superintendent Tony Crandell of Surry Hills Police tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "The incident is being investigated. At some stage we would like to talk to Mr. Gibson's girlfriend as she was a witness to what occurred."

The officer also confirmed his colleagues have obtained security camera footage of the clash and will be taking statements from other witnesses.

Meanwhile, Sydney Daily Telegraph editor Paul Whitaker has defended his employee, saying, "Mel Gibson is a major film star and movie director. He's a public figure and our photographer was on a public street simply doing her job. Being a movie star does not give him the right to shove and insult someone.

"We are providing support for Kristi during this process and assisting police with their inquiries. We know Kristi to be eminently professional and have no doubt she conducted herself appropriately.''