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Donald Trump To Continue Carrying Out Duties Despite His Coronavirus Diagnosis

Donald Trump will continue ''carrying out his duties without disruption'' whilst he recovers from coronavirus.The President's physician, Sean P. Conley, has released a statement to insist Trump and his wife Melania are doing well after...

Donald Trump Has Coronavirus

Donald Trump and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus.The President of the United States and his spouse, Melania Trump, have confirmed they have both been found to have COVID-19, after a close aide was...

Queen Elizabeth Calls Donald Trump

Queen Elizabeth spoke to President Donald Trump on the phone on Tuesday (30.07.20).The British monarch made a call to the US leader ahead of Independence Day (04.07.20) from Windsor Castle, where she and husband...

Chelsea Handler Says Melania Trump Would Be An 'American Hero' If She Chose Divorce

An unusual story has been making the rounds on the internet since January suggesting that Melania Trump really is not happy in her marriage to the President of the United States. Chelsea Handler addressed this...

Melania Trump Raises Eyebrows At Congress In Black Sequined Outfit

Apparently the world really has a lot to say about the outfit Melania Trump wore at her husband's joint session of Congress earlier this week. She's been blasted over the colour, the style and the...

Emily Ratajkowski Defends Melania Trump Over Slut Shaming

Emily Ratajkowski does not condone slut shaming, no matter what your political beliefs are.The actress and model, who supported Bernie Sanders in the run-up to the US election, came to the defence of First Lady...

Just How Much Of Melania Trump's Speech Was Taken From Michelle Obama?

Well, this is awkward. There seems to have been some fraudulent behaviour going on within American politics as an inspiring speech made by Michelle Obama eight years ago seems to have been half stolen by...

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