Apparently the world really has a lot to say about the outfit Melania Trump wore at her husband's joint session of Congress earlier this week. She's been blasted over the colour, the style and the price, but it's not the first time the First Lady's White House ensemble has caused contention.

Donald Trump and Melania TrumpMelania Trump's outfits have always been cause for controversy

Melania Trump opted for a black sequined dress with a flower design and a matching jacket with a wide belt as she showed her support for President Donald Trump during his speech in Congress on Tuesday (February 28th 2017). It was a Michael Kors number, which was a change in direction as she has previously been seen wearing Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Immediately though, Twitter began attacking her because of the style she chose. Many people though the sparkling sequins were a bit much for Congress, especially when one considers the plain, conservative numbers the other women went for.

She was also slammed for the price, which eagle-eyed fashion experts identified as $4,595 for the skirt and $4,995 for the jacket. Actress Alyssa Milano shared the fact with her Twitter followers, saying, 'Melania Trump wore a 10k beaded outfit tonight' with a hint of disdain. Of course, many people were quick to brand the comment as hypocrisy, given the thousands of dollars celebrities tend to wear at red carpet events.

Perhaps the most contentious thing about Melania's outfit, however, was its stark antithesis to the Democratic dress code of the night. Women from the Democratic camp made a joint decision to wear white that day in solidarity of women's rights as suggested by Representative Lois Frankel who is the chairwoman of the House Democratic Women's Working Group.

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Now women everywhere are accusing Melania of being deliberately opposed to women's rights by wearing black, despite the fact that she is also a woman. It's not the first time the First Lady has come under fire for her fashion sense. Back in October, she was blasted for wearing what is known as a 'pussy-bow' Gucci blouse just days after Donald Trump's Access Hollywood recording scandal.