Mel C has said that Geri Horner’s pregnancy news has ended tensions that were caused by her not joining the Spice Girls reunion.

Geri announced she was expecting her second child last week and Mel said it’s made the girls realise what’s really important.

Mel CMel C has said there's no rift with Geri Horner

Speaking to the Daily Star, Mel said: “Thank god Geri is pregnant because it’s made us go, ‘Oh my god, this is what’s really important’.

“Let’s face it, we are all in our forties, we are all mothers, we all have partners, we all have careers. Of course it’s been awkward – relationships have their ups and downs”.

Last week it was reported that Mel’s new album will contain a ‘diss track’ aimed at Mel B and while she hasn't confirmed or denied the reports, she has admitted things aren't great between them.

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“I haven’t spoken to Melanie for a while though. It’s not that I’m not speaking to her but I haven’t spoken to her for a long time,” she said.

“Some of my relationships with some of the girls in the band have been difficult at times but I will never not love them.”

Speaking about Mel B jokingly branding her and Victoria Beckham “bitches” on US TV last month, Mel continued: “I love Melanie but she is a little bit of a law unto herself.

“She has her reasons but whatever they are, I don’t know. I read about the bitches comment. I’ve done it myself when you say something for comedic value and it backfires.”

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“Or maybe she does mean it. But I’ve nothing against her. Whatever. It’s fine.”

Mel also defended her comments that the reunion band GEM, made up of Geri, Mel B and Emma Bunton, would harm the group’s legacy.

“I have to be honest and say I don’t think it does us justice. You know, five or nothing at this point,” she said, adding, “But claims I tried to sue are b***ocks.”