Melanie C won't feel ''apologetic or embarrassed'' anymore.

The Spice Girls singer feels it is important to push back against any fear she might feel and be her authentic self.

She said: ''I just can't wait to f****** get it out there. I just want it out there! 'End Of Everything' is completely about that embracing of change, and not being fearful. I think there's been times in my career where I felt apologetic or embarrassed. I'm not going to do that anymore. And I think working with younger artists has reminded me of being ambitious and being excited and enthusiastic.''

And the 46-year-old singer admits there are times where she has felt ''hopeless'' and was ''so fearful of change''.

She added: ''But also, I have had times in my life where I've suffered with depression. Sometimes you feel hopeless and you don't get excited about the future. I really want to hold on to that with both hands, and coronavirus has really f****** wobbled that. It was challenging to just keep at it. Some days are hopeless, you know, but I just try and keep reminding myself. I was so fearful of change.''

Melanie had tried to run away from her Sporty Spice persona in the past, but now she is ''proud'' of who she is.

She told ''Leading up to the rehearsals, I was quite nervous because I thought, 'Can I become Sporty Spice? Can I go around and sing Wannabe?' I'm 46. It's been a while. As soon as I got into rehearsals I realised that I don't become this thing - I am Sporty Spice, it's within me ... And it just made me feel very reflective about my time with the girls. Even looking at the beginning of my solo career, I tried to move away from being Sporty Spice. I've spent all these years running away from myself. And then now I finally have gone, 'You know what that is me, and I'm actually cool with that, and I'm also proud of that.'''