Melanie C's dream music festival would feature Freddie Mercury, Beyonce and The Beatles.

The 46-year-old Spice Girls star revealed she would love to see the late star Mercury headline, with Beyonce, The Beatles, Prince, Arctic Monkeys and The Prodigy also on the bill.

She told The Guardian: ''I never got the opportunity to meet Freddie Mercury, so my headline act would have to be Queen. I was 11 years old in 1985 when they brought the house down at Wembley for Live Aid. We recorded it all on VHS - four tapes, cos it was that long - and watching Queen over and over made me want to have a career in music. Freddie had the whole stadium eating out of his hand and they were ahead of the game in mixing genres, which everyone does now. As a singer and a frontperson, Freddie is the ultimate.''

And Melanie added: ''I'm not sure how they couldn't be headliners, but I'd have to see the Beatles, ideally in the Revolver period.

''Beyoncé - she smashed Glastonbury and, like Freddie, is so phenomenal physically and vocally that she might be superhuman, or half-robot. I met her when she was in Destiny's Child and she said she was a Spice fan, which I always remember when I watch her.''

Melanie also praised late star Prince, The Prodigy and Arctic Monkeys for their live performances.

She said: ''I was lucky enough to see Prince at the O2 and then the Indigo club afterwards, where he duetted with Amy Winehouse. He was tiny, but his presence was so huge that he filled any room, whether a tiny club or an arena.

''Arctic Monkeys are top of my list of artists I still want to see live. I love that observational, poetic world that Alex Turner brings to his songs.

''The Prodigy transformed from a rave act into this incredible festival slayer. I first saw them in Mr Smith's in Warrington when I was 18. It might actually have been the under-18s night, which is very irresponsible of me, but I was right down the front and Keith Flint grabbed my hand. My claim to fame.''