Review of It Kills Me (Remix) Ft. Corte Ellis Single by Melanie Fiona

In its original version this track was amazing, in its remix version it is awesome. Rarely does a remix enhance let alone beat the original in this day and age, but this remix certainly does. It Kills Me is taken from the talented Melanie Fiona's debut album in its original version.

Melanie Fiona It Kills Me (Remix) Ft. Corte Ellis Single

This smoothed out duet by two stunning vocalists is matched pound for pound by the song and the production. The song is about a woman giving her man another chance despite his infidelity and features all the thoughts that are going through her mind. The track is so classy it is probably too good to break the UK national charts but we can live in hope!!!

Soul R&B Appeal 5/5 Crossover Appeal 4/5 (If Properly Supported)

DJ Bigger

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