Feminist comic book fans have been saying all along that there needs to be more female superheroes brought to screen, and now that desire comes to fruition tonight as 'Supergirl' flies on to our television screens for the first time.

Melissa Benoist as SupergirlMelissa Benoist stars as brand new TV icon 'Supergirl'

Melissa Benoist plays Kara Danvers (real name Kara Zor-El); the Kryptonian cousin of Superman who possesses much of the same abilities but in a smaller and more adorable package. Benoist is best known for starring in 'Glee', and it is alongside 'Glee''s creator Ali Adler that 'Supergirl' is produced, also bringing together Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg of 'The Flash' and 'Arrow'.

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The DC Comics series follows Kara's decision to set free her powers; for too long has she been forced to hide under the guise of a PA for her 'Devil Wears Prada'-esque boss Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). Now, 12 years since her parents sent her Earth following her cousin's departure, Kara wants to use her powers to save people just like Superman.

Melissa Benoist and Calista Flockhart in SupergirlIs there anything Supergirl can't do? Oh yeah: disguise

When her adopted sister Alex's (Chyler Leigh) life becomes endangered after her flight to Geneva is interrupted by a serious engine failure, Kara is forced to rescue the plane and save the passengers. However, Alex only becomes angry at Kara for exposing herself to the world. Kara doesn't seem to care though and enlists the help of her smitten colleague Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) to transform herself into a superheroine. 

Chyler Leigh, Melissa Benoist and David Harewood in SupergirlIt's time to save the world, Supergirl!

There's touching moments in 'Supergirl', such as Kara getting contacted by her long lost cousin, as well as intense times when she has to prove to the law enforcement that she is ready and able to handle the crimes of today. It's already won the Critics' Choice TV Award for Most Exciting New Series, and we're definitely ready to find out why.

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'Supergirl' premieres on CBS today (October 26th 2015).

Melissa Benoist in SupergirlSupergirl is finally ready to unveil her powers