Melissa Etheridge and Brad Pitt are no longer friends.

While the singer performed at Brad's wedding to Jennifer Aniston in 2000, she says they have not communicated since he started dating Angelina Jolie although Melissa did backtrack on comments she made blasting Angelina for undergoing a double mastectomy.

Melissa, 52, who battled breast cancer in 2004, recently called Angelina's decision ''the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer,'' but now insists she didn't mean to hurt Brad or his fiancee Angelina.

She told Us Weekly: ''I in no way meant for that statement to reach [Brad Pitt] in that way. It was not meant for him ... or his wife.

''Everyone's personal health is their own personal choice,''

Speaking about her former friendship with Brad, 47, she added: ''I haven't spoken to him ... since he 'married' Angelina.

''But we were very close before that. I don't know ... I have reached out.

''I haven't heard from [Jennifer] either. We all kinda got our own families and went our own way.

''It's funny we all were together and then it all went POOF.''

When told of Melissa's comments about Angelina, who underwent the drastic procedure after discovering she carried the BRCA1 mutated gene which causes cancer, Brad admitted he was surprised.

He said: ''I don't know. Somebody just said that.

''Melissa's an old friend of mine. I'm sure we'll talk on the phone. I don't know what it is.''